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“It was such an incredible experience,” she said about working with Gareth Emery on The Lasers album. “Gareth is a huge inspiration and such a pro at what he does, so it was an honour to be the solo vocalist on the whole album. We had great fun recording it and I loved chatting to him about the backstories behind each song.”

“It was so exciting watching the album come together,” she exclaimed. Some highlights for me were shooting the music video for ‘You’ll Be OK’ and performing in his ‘Unplugged’ concert alongside all the other amazing artists who took part. I’m really enjoying seeing everyone’s response to the album and I hope everyone continues to love it as much as Gareth and I do.”

Digital Journal

Dance music icon Gareth Emery released a massive remix package for his gorgeous vocal with Annabel, “You’ll Be OK”.

Emery also revealed the official music video for “You’ll Be OK.”  The sentimental visual showcases Annabel’s emotive vocal at its forefront.


One standout remix comes from budding producer Cloudnone


The track opens with Annabel’s heartwrenching vocal while infusing a downtempo beat at its  backdrop.  Creating a relaxing, lounge-induced feel, the vocal is spliced at its drop.

“After over 25 versions and 10 months, ‘You’ll Be OK’ is finished,” Emery explained to fans yesterday in an apologetic Instagram post.

“You’ll Be OK” is nothing short of a trance anthem.


The stunning vocals of Annabel bring vibrant life to lyrics written by Emery himself and are carried forward effortlessly.

'Here, the multi instrumentalist and producer joins forces with UK singer Annabel Turner who wrote this particular tune when she was just 14 years old. This teenage talent delivers a heartfelt performance beyond her years.

This is an exciting debut showcasing Annabel's fresh, distinctive voice and formidable songwriting skills, making her 'one to watch.'

I SAW YOUR FACE - original demo.


It’s been such a pleasure working with Annabel and seeing her bring this song to life from its early stages. ⁣

Gareth Emery



The album is packed with fresh piano melodies from the man himself and gentle, wholesome vocals of Annabel. In fact, while his past albums have featured vocals from a variety of other artists, for this particular album, we get Annabel for nine tracks, and Emery even makes a guest appearance himself.


The lyrical section of “Gunshots” hit me hard emotionally as Annabel sings: “Your thoughts and your prayers will fade like the night.” A line that public figures often say in these trying times is “thoughts and prayers” to families who have lost someone to gun violence. A song with a rather hot button topic, this is sure to have fans talking. ⁣

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